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    Image Source: Shutterstock

    Image Source: Shutterstock

    Is your marketing content flowing smoothly or are you stumbling more than you’d like?  To get your company noticed, you need to be putting a steady flow of content in front of your audiences. You can’t afford to go dark.

    Building a calendar will help you be more consistent, but it can be hard to keep it going when content you expected to have just isn’t ready.

    Any of these sound familiar?

    • The industry conference team sends their event report three weeks late.
    • The video you built a social media campaign around is stuck in production.
    • An expert has been promising you an opinion piece for months, but it hasn’t materialized.
    • A product launch has been bumped out due to development delays.

    While there will always be content delays, here are five tactics to help you avoid too many missteps in getting your content ready to publish:

    1. Pad your calendar with “evergreen” content
      Include throughout your calendar content that isn’t tied to a specific event or time. These posts or articles can be easily dropped in to fill a gap. Do make sure this doesn’t become the dominant type of content, though, or you’ll appear out of touch with current events and the latest focus of your audience.
    1. Know your most reliable sources well
      You probably know who they are already. The product manager who will stay late to finish an article or the engineer who has a huge following on Twitter. They’re the ones who nearly always get you what you need, on time. Spread these authors out across your calendar and use them a little more often to balance those who are not as reliable with this sort of work.
    1. Watch the degree of difficulty
      Video and infographics are often highly shared and valued content types, but they can take a lot longer to produce than written pieces. If that’s the case at your company, be sure to balance more challenging content elements with the types of content where you have more control and that you know you can deliver fast.
    1. Reuse your most successful content
      Track your analytics to see what content has been shared, liked and promoted the most. Pop high-value content right back into your calendar. This is especially effective with Twitter and other social media sites, where careful repetition of content will likely gain you new followers, rather than annoy anyone.
    1. Work ahead, with time to be creative
      Planning a calendar that will power through shortfalls will take more time that you think. A more fluid plan that assumes a percentage of your material will fall off is most realistic. But this kind of content contingency planning requires more content overall and a more flexible view of when and what you will be able to publish. Leave time to work through different possibilities and creative Plan B’s. Trust me, you will need them!

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