• Don’t Get Bumped Off Your Content Calendar

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    You have a plan. You carefully built out your marketing content calendar. And then…

    • “We have a major announcement next week, we need to get it out to our email list this week!”
    • “Our boss wants to see this blog post up ASAP.”
    • “We just got this write-up from our event in Singapore, how soon can you get it posted to our social platforms?”

    These kind of fire drill requests probably come at you often. The question is, do they bump you off course? Do they negatively impact the outcomes of your campaigns and programs? Are they a distraction that keeps you from getting out more valued content out?

    You know, the kind of content that will get you a better response from your audience.

    If the answer to any of these is yes, then you need some tactics to slow down and deflect them.

    Quickstep Communications, 2015

    Based on the answers you hear, you may opt for a “yes, but” answer – you agree to publish, but not immediately.

    Maybe you direct them to another more appropriate channel, or you could just explain that their idea is just not ready for prime time.  Hopefully, taking your “bumper cars” through this conversation will help them understand your ultimate decision

    But then again, you might go another way. The beauty of digital publishing is that you can make a last-minute shift and push out a planned campaign or post. It’s important to be flexible enough to recognize a content windfall.

    So, don’t get bumped off your planned content calendar. Unless something better comes along.



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